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2008, മേയ് 31, ശനിയാഴ്‌ച

'Information at your fingertip' is not just a hyperbole; but is today's reality. The world has changed itself into a mighty current of ever-flowing information.
But it is pertinent to check our own knowledge of our surroundings. Even as the whole world is at your fingertips, our villages, towns and neighborhoods remain virtual ' Terra incognita ' for most of us.
A pressing awareness of this reality has led to the creation and launching of the website www.ypkerala.com on 14th Feb 2007 at Mannarkkad, Palakkad Dt. Kerala at your finger tip has been the slogan of ypkerala.com. The site provides minute information about each and every location of Kerala- its hospitals, government institutions, hotels, doctors, resorts, atm points, banks, home stays etc.
The package, which can be called Kerala Search- Mobile Application, aims to make available your mobile phone, all the data which can be accessed at ypkerala.com. It will give information about a particular location even while a person is enroute to the said location. To begin with it proposes to provide data on tourism and government sectors.

It requires just a java-enabled mobile phone with GPRS connectivity. It's benefits for tourists and the people on the move are un heard of. This will surely revolutionize the entire gamut of GPRS service. The endeavor- Kerala at your fingertip- is on to realize the goal of a TOTAL PORTAL to scan the whole of Kerala. This software can be downloaded free of cost from the website.
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